A life-long Republican and successful small business owner, Kristina "Krisse" Kelly is running for State Senate in LD 23 to fight for conservative values and serve her community with integrity. Her core beliefs include reducing the size and scope of government, growing our economy through market-based solutions, and providing a high-quality education for all children. 

As a long-time education advocate and mother of four children, she understands the value of creating and maintaining safe schools that prepare our children to enter a competitive workforce.  She believes in protecting the rights and liberties of individuals, keeping taxes low, and supporting our law enforcement officials who uphold the rule of law. 

Kristina was born in Washington, D.C., where her father worked for the Secretary of Agriculture under Presidents Nixon and Ford. Kelly grew up in a family of proud Republicans that emphasized the importance of public service and conservative values.

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She has earned a bachelor’s degree in American Political Science, a Teaching Credential and Master’s in Education, as well as an Administration Credential and Master’s in Administration.  

After graduating from college, Kristina worked for the Secretary of Child Development and Education under Republican Governor Pete Wilson in California. Her portfolio included advocating for smaller classroom sizes, improving teacher training and increasing accountability within the state’s public education system.

Kelly has studied abroad in Mexico, Chile, and Spain, where her experiences affirmed her faith and love of America and the freedoms and rights we cherish here. She is fluent in Spanish, which led to her founding an award-winning small business that produced a series of well-received educational videos. She has taught Bilingual Education, Gifted Education, Preschool, and Elementary School, as well as serving as an assistant principal and P.T.O. President.

She moved to Arizona 14 years ago with her husband Chris of over 18 years, where they decided to raise their family. Their children have grown up in Scottsdale, where they have all attended public schools.